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a bit about me:

Hi there, I'm Blair Doucette (Doucette actually means "little sweet") and I'm a holistic nutritionist working day-by-day to listen to my body and feed it what it wants.


I love food - I love every aspect of it. I love eating it (obviously), cooking it, and even growing it. I focus on whole ingredients that are as close to the source as possible. Even though I grew up in the time of snack foods with most of their ingredients containing numbers (I'm looking at you, Gushers), and "low-fat" being synonymous with healthy, I was also fortunate enough to grow up working in my grandpa's garden. He came from a long line of hearty farmers who grew food because they couldn't afford to buy it. To him, it was just common sense to grow your own food. As a culture, we've gotten so far from that.


After graduating from college, I decided to work on a few farms here and there. I knew I wanted to go to grad school but couldn't focus on what I really wanted out of that experience. The one thing that was always a constant was food and health - health for myself, my family, and the land. I decided to move to Oregon to study holistic nutrition because I knew that was the big picture approach I craved. 


Now, I work online with clients that are also interested in the big picture approach. I primarily work from an intuitive eating perspective and have helped clients to develop whole food approaches to chronic health concerns like digestive issues and hormonal imbalances by re-building their relationships with food. 



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